The Community For Freelancers

Over 25% of the global workforce are Freelancers.

Join us and help change the way we work.

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The Community for Freelancers

Over 25% of the workforce are Freelancing.

Join us and help change the way we work.

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Freelancing is changing the way we work

Freelancing gives the worker the ability to control where, how and when they work and provides the customer flexibility and lower overall cost than traditional employees. From book keepers, to web developers, to social media experts, Freelancers are available for almost every job type and skill level required.

Gihgs was founded to help Freelancers thrive by providing the services and support they need to allow them to focus on their areas of strength. If you are currently doing side gigs, or are a full time Freelancer, join gihgs and become part of a growing community of independent workers who are changing the way work gets done..


Number of Millennial's that Freelance


Expected Amount of the US Workforce Freelancing by 2027

Total Annual Contribution From Freelancers to the US Economy

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As a Freelancer, you have unique skills and abilities; when you join gihgs, you have access to services that can take care of the other details of your business, so you can stay focused on your areas of strengths.

Customers can leverage the Freelancers on the gihgs platform to take on projects, interim roles or fractional positions and have more flexibility compared to traditional employees..

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