Frequently Asked Questions

Customer FAQs

  • is the universal services marketplace where trusted talent (gihgsters) connect with short to long term work opportunities (gihgs).  Tasks can be as simple delivering products to a long term CEO postition.  gihgs is not a staffing or recruiting company; we help people find work and help customers  find great talent.  Questions? contact gihgs at

  • Almost anything you need done: from projects and chores around the home to almost any task in the workplace.  If your gihg posting is clear and your rate is reasonable, the gihgsters in this community are ready, willing, and able to work!  The work must be legal and ethical.

  • Posting a gihg on this marketplace is free.

  • Browse gihgster profiles – Choose the ones that you think fit your requirements – Select the Invite Button and check the gihg that you would like to invite them to.

  • Yes, if you would prefer to have gihgs locate a qualified gihgster, you can contact us and we will be glad to help; we are connected to gihgsters who are either currently on assignment, or have chosen to keep their profiles private, but are ready to work.

    Drop gihgs a note at and let us know you would like us to contact you to discuss your specific needs; we are here to help.

  • You will receive bids when a gihgster views your gihg and bids on it, or if you invite a gihgster to bid on your open gihg.

  • We do not have a feature, as yet, to turn off bids on a gihg.  You do not have to accept a bid if you are not comfortable with the bid amount, terms, or gihgster.

  • You choose – you negotiate how you want to pay the gihgster. You do have the option to use our escrow services for an additional fee to cover the cost of the credit card processing.

  • You can choose to cancel the gihg, repost the gihg as well rate the gihgster

  • Your intial course of action is to discuss and negotiate with the gihgster; if you can not reach a reasonable agreement, gihgs will connect you with a gihgs certified arbitrator that you can hire to assist you.

  • Customers are masked from being visible on the platform – in order to bid on gihgs you need to be a gihgster. Gihgster’s can bid and post gihgs on the platform.

  • As with any indiviual in your life, you should contact the person and ask them any questions to make you comfortable before engaging them for your gihg. If you are not 100% comfortable with a gihgster, don’t assign the gihg to them.

  • We know mistakes happen and believe in forgiveness and making things right. If desired, gihgs will connect you with a gihgs certified arbitrator that you can hire to assist you and the gihgster to see if things can be made right between the two parties.

  • is a start-up and we are hoping to attract a community of workers (gihgsters) and Customers who post jobs (gihgs) who will join us and help shape by providing constructive feedback.  If an APP is the best way to connect gihgsters and customers – tell us, we will work together and build it.

  • There is a major shift happening in the way we work. In the next 2 years, over 40%, (60 million) of the US workforce will conduct some form of independent work. Contact us at to learn more about what is happening in the modern talent space and how you can get ahead of your competition.

  • You can help us accelerate this community by purchasing packages on the crowd funding item in our store. We are also investigating crowd funding options to provide an ownership stake in gihgs for our founding members. Stay tuned.

  • You can reach out to us anytime – drop us a note at and we will get back to you shortly.