Frequently Asked Questions

Gihgster FAQs

  • Create a profile and select a membership type that fits you.  Questions?  Contact gihgs at

  • You choose – you negotiate how you want to be paid with the customer. You do have the option to leverage our escrow services for an additional fee to cover the cost of the credit card processing and managing our merchant ID.

  • We are all about choice:
    Pay As You Go – $5 per gihg – full profile not visible publicly, no access to additional resources
    Individual – $30 a month for unlimited gihgs a month
    Business – $60 a month for unlimited gihgs a month plus the ability to share your Business Name and have an enhanced profile

  • Absolutely – gihgsters need stuff done as well.

  • Access the listing of gihgs – find one you would like to do – click on it to see the details – click on the Bid button.

  • Fill out your profile as comprehensively as you can; add your profile picture, people want to see your face!   Add pictures to the portfolio section to showcase any items that would be of interest to potential customers.. You may also want to add links to your other online profiles so people can learn more about you.

  • Since gihgs is not part of the transaction, you need to do your best upfront to protect yourself.  Customers and gihgsters have the ability to rate and comment on each other. If desired, gihgs will connect you with a gihgs certified arbitrator that you can hire to assist you with payment resolution.

  • You need to communicate with the customer to ensure you will be safe – if you are not comfortable, do not take the gihg.

  • We know mistakes happen and believe in forgiveness and making things right. If desired, gihgs will connect you with a gihgs certified arbitrator that you can hire to assist you and the customer to see if things can be made right between the two parties.

  • We want to ensure that only members of the gihgs community can engage with our customers and only on posted gihgs. We do not want our customers to be spammed or contacted outside of the work they need done.

  • Growing the gihgs brand and growing the member base of our community helps you get more gihgs on the platform. We also think you should be rewarded for spreading the word; when you sign up with gihgs, your are given an unique affiliate link – use this to share gihgs with your network and you will be rewarded when they also join gihgs.   Contact gihgs for more information on our affiliate program.

  • You can help us accelerate this community by purchasing packages on the crowd funding item in our store. We are also working on a stock option plan to provide an ownership stake in gihgs for our founding gihgsters who purchase a monthly or annual membership. Stay tuned.