About gihgs

About Gihgs

We are driven to help people become successful Freelancers and own their path to freedom and abundance. Together with our members, we are building the trusted and transparent marketplace for the gig economy.

We value integrity, humility, generosity, and service; if this resonates with you, we would love to have you join us and help change the way we work.

Help your business thrive with Gihgs

Resources to Help You Succeed

Tired of writing contracts, doing data entry for bookkeeping records & trying to create marketing materials for your business?

When you join gihgs, you don’t need to worry about doing all the things necessary to keep your business moving; gihgs has the services and support available to take care of most of the back office work, so you can focus on what you love doing best.

Our Mission

To help Freelancers thrive by providing services and support that allow them to focus on their strengths.

Our Vision

A world where people can live and work with freedom and abundance.

Our Offerings

Your Skills, Our Support

Gihgs provides services and support to help Freelancers thrive


One of the more important service offerings will be provided thru gihgs, inc. to our Freelancer community in 2019.


Gihgs helps Freelancers market their services and build their own individual brand.

Bookkeeping & Tax

Gihgs provides a range of accounting & bookkeeping services such as tax returns.


Gihgs offers coaching and consulting to companies to help them retool for the gig economy.


Gihgs is also a trusted source for finding short term and long term fractional work, primarily in professional services

Gear Up For Success With gihgs

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