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  • Sara Pruitt

    Office Manager

    5 years experience 0 gihgs worked Paso Robles, California

    I am currently a home maker,  but spent the last 5 years running a small office for an internet service provider.  I was in charge of all day to day business, sales,  and tech support.  I created most of the organization and analytical systems that are still in place today.

    I am a quick study, and I’m more than happy to take on new challenges. 

  • Amanda Gales

    Errand Assistant

    4 years experience 0 gihgs worked Hopkins, Minnesota $16.00/hr

    I am an enthusiastic and people-focused person with a passion for serving others from all walks of life. My ability to connect with people, combined with my free spirit, allows me to build deep relationships with others. 

    I am seeking a role where I can impact the lives of others through personal connection, mentorship, and service.

  • Greg Clute

    Business and Strategy Developer at Leadergized | Tech | Financial | Christian

    5 years experience 0 gihgs worked Minneapolis, Minnesota

    As a UST graduate in accounting, I have grown through work at Wells Fargo, Merrill Corporation, and PwC. I also had the privilege of building my own retail sales company prior to those corporate experiences and have greatly benefited from all my diverse experiences. I learned that passion, energy, and intelligence are appreciated and respected at every level of business I have been in.

    I’ve always felt the need to give back. I’ve done that as a coach/teacher/mentor for youth…

  • Darcy Geho

    Marketing Specialist

    18 years experience 0 gihgs worked Slayton, Minnesota


  • Bigtime Consulting

    Storyline developer

    18 years experience 0 gihgs worked Thane, Alaska $25.00/hr

    We deliver well-defined, measurable business outcomes to our clients through the engagement of subject-matter-experts and skill-specific-specialists with real-world experience. We apply a pragmatic approach combined with an entrepreneurial spirit to achieve our clients’ outcomes. We are an expert in Articulate storyline 360.

    website – https://www.bigtimeconsulting.in

  • Susan Rylance

    Sales & Marketing Leader

    20 years experience 0 gihgs worked Shakopee, Minnesota $150.00/hr

    Susan Rylance, Founder of SynThesis LLC, has created and led award-winning sales and marketing teams. She has helped small and mid-sized companies align their brand messaging based on the value they bring to clients. 


    Understanding and identifying the target market…

  • Joe Meyers

    Director of Marketing/Chief Digital Strategist

    10 years experience 0 gihgs worked Lakeville, Minnesota $75.00/hr

    In my previous role, I was the Director of Marketing for an e-commerce pet product. We achieved 100’s of millions of organic brand impressions, sold millions of dollars online, and got press coverage from USA Today, Wired, CNET, and many others.

    I deliver high-quality digital marketing built for the now. I am excited to partner with you to drive your business outcomes.

    Linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joemeyers19/

  • Ricardo Gabiatti

    SEO & Digital Marketing Specialist

    5 years experience 0 gihgs worked Port Saint Lucie, Florida $30.00/hr

    Experienced SEO Profesional. Love to hear and compose electronic music, watch movies and series.

  • Tiffany Hovland

    Accounting and Finance Professional

    12 years experience 0 gihgs worked Plymouth, Minnesota $45.00/hr

    My name is Tiffany Hovland and I am a CPA from Minneapolis, MN. I have 12 years progressive accounting and finance experience. My skills range from complex accounting matters such as revenue recognition to pricing and other financial planning and analysis. I enjoy working with people creating business efficiencies. 

  • Cindy Swanson

    Marketing Project Manager | Marketing Manager | eCommerce Manager

    20 years experience 0 gihgs worked Minneapolis, Minnesota $42.00/hr

    Experienced marketing professional skilled in managing programs that surpass targeted business and profitability objectives. Proven ability to achieve ROI and increase revenue through dynamic, scalable plans. Skilled at mentoring and managing team members to help them develop, coordinate and implement projects. Demonstrated success in project management, digital marketing, retail marketing, brand management, strategic planning, category development, and market expansion.

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