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Gihgs provides services and support to help Freelancers thrive, by taking care of back office items like accounting, marketing, legal, etc.

Companies can leverage the talent available on the gihgs platform to take on project work, interim positions or roles in their organizations that can be retooled to utilize fractional, independent workers instead of traditional employees.

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One of the more important service offerings will be provided thru gihgs, inc. to our Freelancer community in 2019.


Gihgs helps Freelancers market their services and build their own individual brand presence so they can focus most of their energy and time on their particular area of expertise.

Bookkeeping & Tax

Gihgs provides a range of accounting and book keeping services from basic expense reports to quarterly tax filings, sales and use filings and annual tax returns.


If you are a new Freelancer, or have been doing side gigs for a while, you will benefit from the resources and guidance available from gihgs. We also offer coaching and consulting to companies to help them retool for the gig economy.


In addition to providing back office services and support to Freelancers, gihgs is also a trusted source for finding short term and long term fractional work, primarily in professional services.

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